Building Art Cars at Chattanooga State October 22nd & 23rd

Houston Grand Opera's car brings their art to the people.

Rebecca's students created this Yellow Submarine art car in 2010.

What do the Houston Grand Opera, Waltrip High School, and Big Brothers, Big Sisters all have in common? They all have art cars. And now, you can too. Art 120 is hosting a very special free program for anyone interested in this amazing art form.
Whether you are an artist, a teacher, non-profit organization, want to do something incredible for Mainx24, or just curious about what all the fuss is about, this program is for you. Rebecca is an I.B. certified art teacher who has built thirty art cars with her students to date. Rebecca’s students have had their art cars featured internationally on CNN, FOX, National Geographic, Car and Driver, FX channels Weird Wheels, New York Times, among many others. Their various art cars are part of permanent museum collections in Malaysia, Germany, Mexico, as well as six cities in the United States. During the seminar, participants can receive hands-on experience by working with Rebecca and Art 120 to create Chattanooga’s first art car. Rebecca will also cover project management, student experiences, and answer any questions about building an art car for yourself, with students, or as a team project. The presentation including a special preview of the film, “Art Car, The Movie” will begin at 10am Saturday, October 22 with access to the project from 11am-5pm Saturday and Sunday from 10am-5pm. email: to reserve your space.

What’s next?
The art car we create in this seminar will go on to participate in several public events such as Mainx24, Chattanooga’s first art car parade in April 2012, and will go on to represent Chattanooga in The 2012 Houston Art Car Parade. It will be hard to miss your work around town.

Want to help? Donate Now for Good Kharma and Tax Deductions.
Art 120 is also accepting old Chattanooga memorabilia, mardi gras beads, ornamental metal, etc. Money is also encouraged to keep these programs going. People interested in donating items for a tax deduction may contact Art 120 via email Please list your contact info, type of donation, and we will coordinate with you.