Arts Education

Along with managing this exciting public event, our sustainable program raises funds to assist with art car building workshops. These workshops will encourage students to work as a team to create a finished art car and serve as a catalyst to encourage learning, incorporate critical thinking skills, instill a sense of achievement, and show these students how they can play a vital role in their community. Art car workshops vary depending on grade level and can cover a range of arts integration and transferrable skills such as social studies, science, mathematics, writing, design, welding, automotive maintenance, upholstery, etc – the opportunities are numerous based on the kind of art car and grade level. All but one of the award categories are being created for the student entries. the only exception, will be the people’s Choice Award will be open to every entrant.

Here are a few examples of art cars created by students:
Poe Elementary’s “Art Car, Art Car”
This image with a close up detail depicts a perfect example of a pattern or montage where the students each work on an individual element to create a finished work of art.

Waltrip High School’s “Atomic Dog”
This art car was such a hit that George Clinton himself showed up to personally autograph this homage to funk. It made a big difference to the community too. “The kids developed this incredible sense of camaraderie. And this sense of pride wasn’t just confined to these 30 kids, it spread to the other kids in the school, their teachers, and the kids’ families. By the day of the Art Car Parade we had the whole Second Ward behind us.”
-Rebecca Bass, Teacher

Hurst Euless Bedford School District
This video is for educational purposes only to show the art car program from Hurst Euless Beford School District and documents their amazing transformation. In 2009, the HEB ISD Art car project received the People’s Choice Award and 2nd Place Youth Group Award at the 22nd Annual Houston Art Car Parade. This video was uploaded with permission by Carolyn Mercantel, the creator of this documentary.


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